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Business Analytics

Successful people make the most out of numbers available to them. This course presents a wide range of practical skills in managing these numbers. This course will take you through a proven, structured process to improve your ability to collect, analyse and forecast business and financial data in order to generate valuable insights from business data. It will also teach you how to report on business data and present information and analysis to clients and stakeholders. It is aimed particularly, but not exclusively, at financial and business analysts, managers, planners, customer-service staff, operations staff and information-management personnel. This course will take you on a structured and thorough journey that will teach you how to turn ‘buckets of data’ into sound, well-supported business decisions, create stunning charts to communicate these business decisions and make you one the most valuable people in your business.

Certificate Course in Business Analytics / I-COP Analytics

    Course Contents

  • Module I : Advance Excel
  • Module II : VBA
  • Module III :MIS
  • Module IV : Programing with VB In excel